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  1. Thank you Ron for your help Have a nice Day :-) Greetings BJ70
  2. but the keys are from malewarebytes. they worked for over five years. without problems why did Malwarebytes only now keys taken out of circulation and not 2014 (so I would have got my money back) then the buyer is the loser i think the least look who's an authorized seller i searched only in the web for trust and experiences with antivirusdiscount
  3. i bought it there https://antivirusdiscount.net/ the original emails are in ticket 2645132 (inkl. keys)
  4. Support has blacklisted my two Lifetime licenses 😞
  5. Hello I have 2 Lifetime Licenses (bought 2014) and both are blacklisted. Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2645132
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