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  1. I am working with Aditya who advised me to download the Debug-MWBInfo.zip file as part of an effort to provide more information to MWB support. Chrome is giving me a warning that the file "is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous." It's not even downloading the file. Thanks, Angela
  2. I tried uploading the system report on the upload page but received no confirmation that it was uploading or uploaded. I can send via Dropbox or?
  3. Your numbers all sound good, Maxbar1. Mine, however, are different and have not changed since the ininstall/reinstall. I started a manual scan and it is still using 99%+ or -. The scan took 6 minutes. I don't mind that in and of itself but last night while streaming and a scheduled scan was running, the computer was heating up and the fan was running. So it seems I don't have a solution yet. Perhaps, I should schedule less frequent scans per day? It's now set for default which is hourly. Thanks.
  4. Note: For some reason the 99% screenshot displayed twice. The second screenshot where RTProtection Daemon is 2.2% when not active is at the bottom. Thanks.
  5. OK. I uninstalled/reinstalled and the first scan ran. I see no improvement in the amount of RAM the RTProtectionDaemon is eating up during a scan. The first screenshot is with Malwarebytes running the first scheduled scan. The second is after it's completed. Outside of Malwarebytes and Activity Monitor, I only had Mail and Chrome during the screenshots. What to do?.
  6. Is it acceptable to simply uninstall through Malwarebytes help menu or should I use the Mac uninstall script? I am on Mac OS 10.10.5.
  7. When scan is running, the RTProtectionDaemon is using around 99% of my CPU, which is heating up my mid-2015 MacBook Pro running Yosemite and subsequently causing my fan to run continuously. What is the remedy for this? I don't recall this being a problem in the past, possibly prior to an upgrade of Malwarebytes? I'm on v 3.8.17. What can I do short of uninstalling Malwarebytes? Thanks.
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