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  1. It turned out all right. 0 problems, also powershell is no longer opening every 30 min or so. thank you for your help Maurice!
  2. Hi!, i ran all the scans, the microsoft software remove tool detected nothing, but malwarebytes did. here are the logs.(i made the malware scan on all disks) I just started my computer and powershell is not open, at least for now. Fixlog.txt MalwarebytesLOG.txt
  3. Hi maurice, thank you for your assistance, the anti-rootkit program deleted 2 trojans, but powershell.exe is still up on my task manager. Here are the logs you asked for. mbar-log-2019-07-17 (15-12-47).txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hi, since a few days ago, the program powershell.exe popped out in my task manager consuming 50% CPU, i can supress it, but every 30 min- 1 hour it starts again. Can you guys help me?
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