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  1. Hi, When I first saw this computer, Malwarebytes 3.7 was installed but we couldn't get the web protection to stay turned on. My thought was to upgrade to Malwarebytes 4.0 and maybe that could solve the problem. I removed Malwarebytes 3.7 using the control panel's Programs section. I restarted the computer and then tried to install Malwarebytes 4.0. The install would stop about half way through and ask me to restart the computer to complete the installation. Once restarted Malwarebytes was no where to be seen. I next tried MBAM-clean and that also asked to restart to complete the cleaning process. After the restart, I still could not install Malwarebytes 4.0. I even ran MBAR with no Rootkit problems found. I repeated all the steps above in safe mode and still could not install Malwarebytes 4.0. This computer is a Dell 17" Laptop (no model given) AMD A8 Chip, 8 gigs Ram (will confirm) Windows 10 (Will confirm Version) Please advise, Thanks, BWD7585
  2. We have paid two companies Securi and Sitelock (from bluehost- ourhost) and now both report bestpageforward.net as clean and Sitelock reports Sellingforauthors.com as clean Please unblock both. Thanks bwd7585
  3. As instructed, I downloaded the remnant remover from Trend Micro and ran the program. (Note: your link was for the full software repair and uninstall). I restarted the computer and uninstalled Malwarebytes through the control panel. After restarting the computer I reinstalled Malwarebytes. The problem was still present. When exploits for Word and Excel is turned to protect, neither program would start. When exploit protection is turned off, both programs will start. I noticed that there were also some remnants of McAfee, the first antivirus still in the registry, but do not know the links to remove them. And, I'm not quite sure that is the problem. This computer does access the internet and business related spreadsheets are downloaded on a weekly basis. We are not comfortable leaving Word and Excel unprotected. Please let me know the next step... Thanks
  4. I have successfully installed Bitdefender Internet Security on 3 of 4 computers. On the 4th computer, Microsoft Word and Excel will not work unless I turn off the protection for these two programs in Malwarebytes. I have read your forum topics 239394 and topic 40715 and these two have given me the clues to turn off the protection in order to get the software to work. Both articles indicate to me that the problem is not with Bitdefender. What is the recommend procedure to follow for this situation as we would like to protect all of Microsoft Products while using this computer?
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