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  1. Ref attached file, cpu rebooted, everything seems fine. thank you. Can you elaborate on what the problem was? Fixlog.txt
  2. A few questions: Why does the MBAM scan log report rootkits: disabled when I have the settings/protection/scan options set to on? Can/should I remove Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)?
  3. I noticed in the log several installed programs that appear to be "bloatware", if you see anything that should be removed let me know.
  4. I re-downloaded FRST.exe after disabling MSE, I should be able to scan this individual file with MBAM, but when I right-click it, I see option to scan with MSE only. I don't see an option from MBAM main screen to scan single file. Please advise, and thank you for all your help to this point.
  5. MSE did indeed identify FRST.exe as a threat, and removed it. what now
  6. Microsoft security Essentials seems to be running on my computer, and appears to be not allowing me to run FRST.exe. Should I disable it, and if so, how?
  7. Scan did complete, reported no threats detected, however when viewing the report under advanced tab, it said rootkits: disabled. I looked under settings/scan options and scan for rootkits setting is on. Is this a problem? Why would this be?
  8. UPDATE, it seems to have become unstuck now, program responding, never seen anything like this before, looks like new version is now installed and running scan, perhaps I wasn't patient enough, we'll see if it finished scan without errors.
  9. MBAM no longer functions at all, clicking desktop icon returns error message, service not running or something.
  10. Already done this, but downloaded latest build, windows immediately gets hung during install, task manager shows program unresponsive.
  11. I ran tool, attached are results, please advise course of action. mbst-grab-results.zip
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