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  1. Thank you. I will. One other matter: To use this forum, I must reset my password each time I log in. The site rejects my email + password each time. I must click the reset button, wait for the reset password, walk through that and then I can use the forum. Thank you very much for working with me on this matter.
  2. Ok, ran the FRST with your script and re-booted. There was no further action by the FRST program after the re-boot. The FRST program told me there would be no further action before the re-boot. Then I went to the GOLFUSION site that was blocked before and Malwarebytes continues to block the page. No change. I went to FireFox Setup and looked at my installed extensions. There were only two and neither was Zoom. One from Cisco and the other was a pop-up blocker from Mozilla. I removed both. I have not yet re-started Firefox because I am writing this now. I do not see the old TechSmith installer you found under Windows -> Control Panel -> Uninstall. I do see current SnagIt (version 12), but I want to keep that. In the Windows Task Manager, under Services, I see TechSmith Uploader Service running. Is this the old program? I can stop it from running. Should I?
  3. I use Techsmith "SnagIt" software everyday. I don't know about the old installer for SnagIt. But I do use SnagIt frequently. The Zoom thing must be from someone else who hosted a meeting I attended. No problem removing it. I have the TXT file, thank you. But where do I find FRST? TXT files are not executables.
  4. Malwarebytes blocks some web sites with the attached warning (MBW_Warning.jpg). I trust the web site and other users of the web site do not report similar trouble. I ran a Malwarebytes scan and a Farber scan. The results are also attached. My computer is a Dell laptop running Windows 7 32-bit. My browser is FireFox v 67.0.4. FRST_Lefkowitz.txt Addition_Lefkowitz.txt mbw_scan_advanced_July_12_2019.txt
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