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  1. even without clicked this new update weeks ago has made scans drastically longer.
  2. so with all this info i can gather i really never need to full scan and can stick to threat scans. it just sucks i can never full scan again. it used to be like 6 hrs now its 33 hrs.
  3. when i would use threat scan at times i wouldnt detect malware but when i did a full scan i did. many many updates ago.
  4. hmm i'd support this answer but there have been times when threat scan wouldnt find malware but when i clicked full scan it did. this was def updates before this current one. so whats the point of hyper scan?
  5. well im content with the threat scan time even if its 10 mins... should i switch to the above? or stay with malware? and why arent full scans reccomended?
  6. what about full scans? ya i got a screen shot of a 33 hr scan.. its that bad how bad this program is now.
  7. Im having the same issue so i tried googling and came across this thread. I've read it all so far but it same to have stopped march 21st and its now July 11? Was there a solution? It seems ever since I updated last week when it gave me the notification last week i can update malmare bytes scans a lot slower.. idk what they did but they needed to undo it. And since i Dont have an SSD it takes me even longer. Hint: it took me 13 hrs for a custom scan full with root kit/ etc and It never finished cuz i canceled it due to frustration.
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