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  1. Hi there! Here are the logs. Cheers mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Hi there! After you guys helped me fix all my stuff a while back I am still getting the occasional "Website blocked / Trojan / zopro.duckdns.org", but malwarebytes doens't find any threats. I thought at first it may come from a chrome extension, but the warnings appeared with only uBlock origin installed and also while no browser was even running. Any ideas?
  3. Everything looks fine now. No new detections. Thank you again!
  4. Here is the log. malwarebytes_protocol.txt
  5. Hi Ron! You fixed it! Thank you so much! The install went through normally and malwarebytes is running! It did find some new stuff though, identified as Trojan.Agent.Trace. Is the correct response to just quarantene and delete them and keep an eye on scans? Anyway thank you so much, this has been a great customer support experience! Fixlog.txt
  6. Here are the logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Hey Ron, I still can't install it. CreateFile fails, with a code 5.
  8. Hi! I tired following the instructions, but part of that is running malwarebytes which I still can't because of the "Error 5 Access denied". Even with sync cleared and deactivated.
  9. Hi Ron! It seems activating VSS and System Restore worked for the most part after I made some room. I still get some warnings. One is regarding a "\\?\volume" and another is about heavy disk I/O load. FRST.txt Addition.txt AcronisVSSDoctorReport_2019-07-13-15-26-46.txt
  10. Oh, you didn't mean to run the fix again... Here are the other files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Hey again, the additions checkbox was checked, but it only produced the fixlog.txt. I couldn't find another file neither on the desktop, nor in the directory with frst.exe and the fixlog.txt. Fixlog.txt
  12. Oh sorry. It wasn't on the desktop though. It was in the folder with the FRST.exe Is this the one you're looking for? Fixlog.txt
  13. The tool removed everything, but reinstalling stops with Error 5. mbst-clean-results.txt
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