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  1. Hello, why nobody responded to my message ? The website is still blocked for no reason. Thank you
  2. My bad I did not know there was a Firefox extension forum.
  3. Hello Malwarebytes support, The website nouvelordremondial.cc (using CloudFlare) is being blocked for malware/scams using the Firefox extension. Please see a screenshot of the message below : I ran a virustotal check and there are no trojans/malwares on the website, virustotal.com/gui/url/5403b42aa177a7e97985307cc7a977e5bebe47a17a2641070cb546f6c33f2334/detection The website was running programmatic ads back in January that did highjack trafic on mobile phones for a brief period of time, but this is no longer an issue for months now. Thanks
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