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  1. Start by replacing your product manager (sorry, that was a little snippy). Seriously tho, if your team is serious about improving the customer experience, I would start by making it easy to change computers. After all, that is an extremely common use case scenario. People upgrade their computers all the time, and having it be a pain in the neck to move your Malwarebytes license is very hostile to your customers. I get wanting to protect your revenue stream, but there is a cardinal rule for product managers: "Never make a product decision that is bad for the customers." Oh, and one other thing: send not one, but two spam emails to a customer in the 7 days they are waiting for a response from tech support is a slap in the face. It tells us you care more about customers you want than the customers you already have. Hope this helps.
  2. Adding insult to injury, in the few days since I have submitted my support request, I have heard nothing from support regarding my case, but I have gotten spam from Malwarebytes. Speaks volumes.
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