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  1. Yes it's not installed on the computer but was installed as a Chrome extension. I deleted it and so far all is ok.
  2. So far everything is ok. Thank you for the help. I will post again if the message resurfaces but I will not be using chrome app launcher. Not sure why this is happening with the chrome app launcher but?....... Thank you!
  3. I've done some testing and after "Resetting Sync" on Chrome and clearing all cache, cookies, etc; I removed all extensions and brought them back one by one. It appears that the "Chrome App Browser" is the culprit as I"m receiving no Malwerebytes messages with this uninstalled.
  4. Uh yes I know. Do you understand what I"m saying?............The only time I get the warning from Malwarebytes that I posted above is when the "Chrome App Launcher" extension is enabled. This means this trojan redirect is a product of Google.
  5. Maurice. This seems to have worked. Not getting the pop-up warning after "reset sync" in Chrome and deleting everything in cache, cookies, etc. My computer was fine and yesterday morning I had the Paypal website open ( and nothing else) and walked away for a couple of hours. Came back and tried to log into Paypal again and these messages started popping up continuously from Malwarebytes. Strange and maybe some strage stuff with Paypal?? Hopefully it doesn't return.
  6. From my previous post I indicated that nearly every website I go to I get the following popup notification. A moderator here said that's because the website is pushing the Adware.Revize virus. He locked my thread without reading it because I indicated that even this site is causing the pop up! What's the explanation please?
  7. I just started getting this message at 1600 lcl eastern time today and it happens for almost every website I click on, even malwarebytes.com. I did a full scan and ran Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and no infection. FP? Change in Google Chrome? This is annoying. Thanks!
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