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  1. Thank you, @AdvancedSetup - appreciated.
  2. Hello @knguyen1, Ok, all noted - thank you for your feedback.
  3. Thank you, @exile360. @knguyen1, could you please confirm this, so that we inform our client?
  4. Hi @exile360, Thanks for your reply. We have a client that has Windows 10 PCs and, when they installed Malwarebytes EP, Windows Defender wasn't disabled. However, to be honest, I don't know which Windows 10 builds they have installed. So, if they have the current build (I guess you're referring to v2004, right?) and they modify the policy as per @knguyen1's post, Windows Defender will disable itself?
  5. Hi @knguyen1, But this doesn't disable Windows Defender, correct? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you @MAXBAR1 - this solved the problem! Kudos to you 👏 🙂
  7. It happened to me as well while running the Update Assistant. I temporarily disabled the Ransomware Protection in Malwarebytes, and the update installed successfully.
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