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  1. Thank you for your explanation in this thread and the other posted by Imbart. It is well known that HP printer
  2. Rriso be advised, norissah is just researching into the fact that the file might be used for and by HP. It is not cleared yet. Other members in these Forums are asking the same question about autorun.inf. http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=32463 Waiting for a yes, may be, no.
  3. Hi imbart. I have not quarantined mine either. I will be waiting for nosirrah`answer though. I ran the file through Virus Total, and McAfee was the only one out of 48 other security softwares that detected autorun.inj as a Generic!atr.b. I have also ran Spy Sweeper, SuperAntispyware, Avast, and HiJack This without finding anything suspicious in my PC, then I ran KIS, Bit Defender, and ESET Nod on-line scanners and none of then detected anything at all. Like you I have not been infected in a couple of years and my OS was just reinstall back in October from an original clean image. I had just scanned (quick) with MBAM my sys a couple of days earlier without finding anything, and in those two days I did not downloaded, installed, or went to any suspicious web page. Furtheremore my firewall and HIPS programs did not alerted me of anything new running in my PC. So I am kind of confused. Well Like another fellow DELL member adviced me, mind you, he also adviced me to wait for an answer from these Forums. The following all point to a false positive: - A malware "trace" (traces alone, by definition, cannot harm you). - Presence since 2007, previously undetected - Detection by heuristics, as previously noted by ky - No system problems, and detection by a routine scan only - File cleared by VirusTotal (except for McAfee) Anyway I am waiting for a definitive answer from the experts. BTW I have others autorun.inf files in my sys. C:\Program Files\Dell\Chipset Software Installer 1 KB C:\ " " \HP\Digital Imaging\{B09BCBF6-87EE-4403-A336-3A9510856535} 494 KB C:\ " " \HP\Temp\{ SAME CLID AS ABOVE } 494 KB DISK1 1 KB Let
  4. Thank you nosirrah, much appreciated.
  5. Hi rriso. Installed new 1.42 data base v. 3291 did not find autorun.inf in my sys. Did quick and full scan and came out clean. I thought you wanted to know.
  6. Hi nosirrah. Thank you for answering my post. I just reinstalled my OS back in October, and to my knowledge, I have not been infected since, or in the past year or so to that matter. I have scanned my sys. with Spy Sweeper, SAS, and Avast. I also sent the file to Virus Total, and from 49 scans only McAfee detected it as aGeneric ! atr.b. Like DCross my file is just about my HP printer, most of it, and like DCross the autorun.inf file was detected after data base v.3280 was updated and not the day before. I am still reading the context to see if I find something that does not belong. Thank you again.
  7. I am also getting autorun.inf detected as a Malware.Trace. Running XP pro_86 Spk 3. It gets detected at the end of the scan (Extra and Heuristics). If only System 32 folder is scan, nothing is detected. mbam_log_2009_12_02__18_20_36_.txt
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