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  1. Sorry I must be doing something wrong. 500.000 something processes and counting. Must find time to read the help guide and do this. Report back later. Thanks
  2. My bad. I have Process Monitor but I never used it before. I will have to read instructions. Unless you can tell me what to do. There are many gadgets and a bunch of mbamservice.exe entries doing different things . Kind of overwhelming at this moment. Thanks
  3. Nothing out of extraordinaire. Handles and DLLs all belong to Microsoft. Only one Comodo DLL ( Guard32.DLL. It is a AppInit DLL ). I included it to MBAM ignore list, but did not have any effect in how MBAM is behaving. Unless I do not know how to use Process Explorer, I did not see any other program or file. I picked mbamservice.exe and looked for the Dlls and Handles. Is there another way to see which programs MBAM is analazing with Process Explorer ? Thanks again.
  4. Nope. Been there done that. I have also disabled Comodo " Sandbox " and " Execution Control " because they have heuristic and cloud base control. No joy. Anyway I have mbamservice.exe as a trusted file with " Updater/Installer " status in Comodo and I have not only Comodo folder but its 3 mayor files; cmdagent.exe, cfp.exe, and cfpconfg.exe in MBAM ignore list. So it must be something else. Well, no big deal. One of these day I will find out. Anyway I thank you for taking time to answer my question.
  5. The 12 % CPU was taken at the screnshot image. It is always going up an down, from 0 % up to 15 %, like if MBAM is doing something in the background, eventhough nothing is going on in the comp. I had already excluded all my security progs from each other . Hmm.. May be if I reinstall MBAM clean... I remember that 90 MB of memory was used long ago, still it is a lot of memory for a program that is not doing anything, but with the last program update it went up to 100+. Thank you Samuel. I 'll see if a clean install lower the numbers.
  6. I always wanted to ask this. Is it normal for mbamservice.exe to use 100+ MB of memory and up to 15 % CPU at idle. It has always been like that and BTW my sys is clean. None of my other security programs need so much memory or CPU unless I do a scan. Eg. with Avast!. See image. My Comp my sig. Thanks.
  7. Thank you Steven. Since MBAM is not blocking the whole site, I suppose the IPs belong to certain domains and the images themselves are clean. Aren't they ?
  8. Thanks Steven. Here is another one. Same site another image: (Type: outgoing) -http://www.nastol.com.ua/look/19629-avast-internet-bezopasnost-kompyuter.html
  9. I tried to write the URL inactive but it came active anyways. I don't see how to edit my post. Sorry.
  10. IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing) Site: hXXp://www.nastol.com.ua/digital/19601-avast-antivirus-kompyuter.html Thanks.
  11. I got IP as malicious When trying to go to mxone.net VT found it malicous by trendMicro. https://www.virustotal.com/url/e0f378021fa3e226298ad2126abf5d2dc7f75573562bc79553a3dcc1a2025b5b/analysis/1331682549/ Sucuri did not find anything http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/http://www.mxone.net URL & Link found it infected by F-Prot but not by TredMicro http://vscan.urlvoid.com/analysis/b56d30c3c9b9e1d8ccb96b92533c0a43/aW5kZXg=/ Is it a F/P ? or site has been hacked ? or site rep has questionable content ? Thanks.
  12. Hi guys. Good job. Did my update trough MBAM updater. Every thing running nicely on my rig. Thanks.
  13. Besides the exelent advice given by shadowwar, fivealive,and firefox you might also consider doing your deep browsing " sandboxed ". I do not used Sandboxie but when I know that my browsing can lead me into murky waters I sandboxed Firefox with Comodo. Mind you, You will have some restrictions but it is better to be safe than sorry. Regards.
  14. Thank you guys. Update ran smoothly from MBAM updater; However, It downloaded a small update, 5.8 MB, first. Then downloaded, I guess 1.60, 10.3 MB. Installed it. Asked me for a reboot. Then it says that my MBAM was outdated 2 days. It was weird since it was updated already. Asked me if I wanted to update, and of course I said yes, and now everything seems OK. Thanks again. You have a great prog that I always recomend.
  15. Hey guys. I am in Venezuela. South America, more or less USA Eastern time zone, and I have noticed that with this new database numbering format I get tomorrow updates, 911122201, today, late in the afternoon . I thought MBAM was in California, USA almost 4 hours earlier than me. Unless MBAM has servers in Europe and I am getting the updates from there it does not make any sence. Any thoughts.
  16. Thank you Shadowwar. I guess I should change my favorite MBAM link from " General Malwarebytes' Forum " to " Malwarebytes' news ". Happy Holidays.
  17. I agree. If it is YYYY.MM.DD.##, and I got update version # 911122101. What is the 9 for ? if 11 is the year, 12 is the month, 21 is the day, and 01 is the update n°. Uuuups !
  18. Egghead8488. Comodo no longer offers BoClean. It is incorporated in CIS. Now CIS ( Comodo Internet Security ) has an antivirus and you said that you installed Avira free and It is not recommended to run two AV at a time. I would uninstalled CIS and reinstalled just the firewall and D+. How to uninstall CIS: https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/uninstaller-tool-for-comodo-products-t71897.0.html How to install Comodo Firewall and D+ for maximum proteccion and minimal alerts. http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-install-comodo-firewall.htm I do not know about Avira, but in Comodo you go to Defence + > Defence + Settings > Execution Control Settings > Detect Shell Code Injections ( Buffer Overflow ) > Exclutions > Add > Browse. There you add all the folders you find of Avira and MBAM to be excluded from D+ Hope it helps.
  19. @ daledoc1. Nothing to be sorry about. I also help in a couple of other security forum and we do what we can when we can. Thanks for the link, and your time. @ Ron. Thanks for dropping by Ron. I am not talking about a new program version update, and that is true, all security programs just alert that they have a new version for the program. My daily rules were working right. Just that I thought MBAM was going to look for database updates without them if I had the check box " Look for updates" active. That wording check box or the help manual defenitivily needs to be changed. I just set a new rule to look for updates every 3 hours. I thank you both for helping out. Regards.
  20. Thanks daledoc1 for the congrats. No, I am not confusing Programs/Database updates. I am just reading what the manual ( Help ) says. " Download and Install Program Update if available: When this box is checked, new program and database update will be automatically downloaded and installed. " To me if it says " Database ", they are talking about everyday malware definition updates. I could be wrong though. Nevertheless, it is a fact that my MBAM is not updating automatically when booting my PC first time during the day like any other security program. I already have it scheduled to look for updates three times a day, and this is doing the job, but I still wonder why MBAM is not doing it by itself. I have ran my share of AV and AM in the past. Paid and free, and all paid security programs look for updates by itself when booting the PC. Hey, don't get me wrong. I won this lincence and I am happy to be able to run MBAM Pro in my PC, but I would like to know if I am missing somenthing here. I always exclude security programs from each other. Common sense.
  21. I just won a pro licence and I have been trying to figure out how to set MBAM to update automatically without success. I have checked: MBAM > Settings > Updater Settings > Download and install program update if available. According to MBAM Help: Download and Install Program Update if available: When this box is checked, new program and database update will be automatically downloaded and installed. MBAM is doing the updates I have scheduled in the " Scheduler Settings ", but if I delete the settings no updates ever. Not even when booting PC. Shouldn't MBAM look for updates when booting PC first thing like any other security program ? or MBAM just look for updates IF they are set up in the schudeler, and if so, what is the meaning of the check box ? Just to look for new version programs ? FYI: I have reinstalled MBAM, and I have given permition to the firewall. Thanks ahead.
  22. Thank you nosirrah. Much appreciated.
  23. Hi I just updated to Database Version 4098 and did a full scan.mbam_log_2010_05_13__21_42_45_.rar MBAM detected worm Koobface in my HP files and keys. I do not even have Face Book or Twitter. I scanned with Avast, SAS, MSE, and MRT 3.7, all of them came out clean. What gives??? Attached my log per instructions. Thank you.
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