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  1. Sorry should read: This is 14 days outstanding and my purpose for coming onto the forum.
  2. Bless you. There are two tickets which you are conflating. The first was/is: Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2643513 This is 4 days outstanding and my purpose for coming onto the forum. The second was/is : Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2652288 This second has the detail you have shown above although the date of purchase was 2013 (not 2003 as you have stated above which was before Malwarebytes was established, I believe). The first support ticket refers to a legitimate purchase well over 10 years ago (perhaps 12/13 years ago) for which there is no purchase record and the licence has migrated through several machines which have been in my ownership since. (I feel like a crook writing this!). One, the second is easy enough to demonstrate. The other, the first one, you will have a record of date of issue of the licence and any attaching email (which, I think, includes my wife's name). Incidentally, someone has moved all this discussion from the original message I was responding to which is unfortunate as it was that I was responding to. I would prefer to to conduct this matter through the support tickets if only I could get a prompt response. Also, I could now get onto My Account with my password but not on to the forum (which I have of course been on earlier) so I have had to reset the password. I do not want to be treated as a common criminal by an organisation which I have held in the highest regard (and which I have, for years, found to offer the easiest, no problem, no hassle software of any type ever), only because you have not been enforcing your own licencing controls. All I wish is to have my two licences, honestly bought over a 10 year period, one for each machine, to be allocated to an account I can access using my current email address and then I follow carefully your new arrangements. Please.
  3. Yes, I have a received a response from Customer Support with a timing simultaneous with your posting saying they are working on it and they will get back to me when they have completed the task. Thank you for your intervention. My crossed fingers are beginning to hurt.
  4. Yes with a reply which did not address the issue. I replied accordingly.
  5. I have two machines - each one machine has one "life time" licence i.e. two "life time" licences - one each on each one machine. One failed on 26 June. I raised a ticket. One failed on 6 July on update. I raised a ticket and got an automated reply which does not resolve the problem. I have replied.
  6. This makes me very angry "totally agree that our forum support staff and helpers work tirelessly and are all awesome! " - all I have seen is information which is totally useless to me repeated over and over again. I have been waiting ten (10) days to have a support ticket resolved: "Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2643513 Jun 26, 09:55 PDT I just quit Malwarebytes Premium to run a line test. On restarting the PC and rerunning Malwarebytes I now only have the free Version. In activating the licence I am told that Maximum installations have been achieved and that I should remove some devices in my account. The email shown for my account is no longer active and thus I cannot obtain a forgotten password and thus cannot remove any devices. Can you please help? Every good wish, " This that awesome or not?
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