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  1. Just got an e-mail and everything has been fixed. Thanks everyone for your help, Bill
  2. I did hear from the agent but so far the issue hasn't been resolved, maybe today. I need no other assistance, thanks for asking. Thanks Bill
  3. The old e-mail for the account has been terminated, I can't sign in because I don't remember my password and need the old e-mail for them to send a new password word setup. I just need the license key move to my new malware account account that I've set up with the new e-mail. Thanks, Bill
  4. This past spring my e-mail account was attacked by ransomware, my phone company changed my e-mail and all went well. I changed all my e-mails on everything I could think of before they deactivated the old e-mail. Well the one i forgot was malwarebytes. The other day I uninstalled malwarebyes and reinstalled it when I types in the key got a response that I had reached the limit for computers and needed to sign in and delete the old ones. Well the old e-mail is gone and can't sign in and can't get a response from support to fix the problem. Anybody got an answer. Thanks, Bill
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