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  1. Same thing here. Did a manual update check and it fixed it.
  2. Thank you so very much Ron for all of your time and assistance in this. I really do appreciate it. And wow... thank you for the additional information! I will definitely check it all out! Thank you again...
  3. Hello, I ran the fixlist.txt you prepared for me. I have attached the Fixlog. My pc ran the CHKDSK after the restart. Does everything look OK? Thank you again for your help! Fixlog.txt
  4. Hello Ron, I just saw another post in this forum where someone was having the exact same problem as me and the staff told them it was a web blocking false positive and the block has since been removed from the database. I updated Malwarebytes and so far I have not received any more PUP warnings. It looks like the updated database fixed it. Should I still run the fixlist.txt you prepared for me? Thank you so much for all of your help. I truly appreciate it!
  5. Hello Ron, I went through all 3 steps above and attached the logs. Thank you again for helping me with this. threatscan.txt AdwCleaner.txt FRST2.txt Addition2.txt
  6. Hello Ron, Thank you so much for assisting me with this. I followed all of the directions in the link you provided. No problems, issues or threats were discovered during any of the scans. Unfortunately, the issue still exists. The alert only seems to pop up when I visit a website running google ads. If I turn the ads off (by running adblock or actually removing adsense code from my own websites), I do not get the PUP alert when visiting the website. Once I allow the ads to run on the website, I get the alert again. I have visited numerous websites running google ads and it seems to be happening on all of them. I have attached a screen shot of the alert I'm receiving. Thank you for all of your help.
  7. Hi there. I replied to your other post, but wanted to make sure I posted here as well. I'm having the exact same issue. Are you running Google Adsense on your website? I keep receiving this same PUP alert when I go to a website running google adsense ads. If I block the ads with adblock or remove the adsense code from my websites, I do not receive the alert. However, the second I allow the ads, I get this alert. I contacted Google about it, but they deny it's their ads triggering the alert. They told me my pc must be infected. I ran numerous scans and nothing was found. I then tried a different pc and received the same warnings once I brought up a website that was running a google ad. This just started today. I'm on a windows 7 pc with google chrome.
  8. I forgot to mention, I'm on Windows 7, running Chrome and receive this PUP alert.
  9. Hi there! I'm having the exact same problem. All of my websites, plus other people's I've checked, give me the same alert. Are you running Google Adsense on your website? I'm running adsense. If I use adblock to block the ads OR actually remove the google adsense code, I do not receive the alert. However, if I start the ads back up, I receive this alert. I contacted google and they deny it's their ads triggering the alert. They told me my pc must be infected. I ran all kinds of virus/malware scans.. nothing found. I then tried accessing the websites on a different pc that does not get used very often. Sure enough, the alert popped up when it ran into a google ad. I hope someone can help us with this!
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