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  1. Hi, As I said earlier, the problem happens also in Edge. So now, it looks like it is to my Bank to make changes to their certificate ? Then why do I have this problem and not my husband on HIS computer ? Thank you for your time. DanyD
  2. I quitted MB, I stopped every protection. I reboothed the computer. I still have the same problem. I worked with Microsoft and with the Bank. They both tried to see where is the problem. In Chrome, I have autorised everything for that link, didn't change anything. The same problem happens with Edge. I join the informations gathered in Edge about the certificate. Frankly I don't know what to do anymore... Thanks DanyD
  3. Hi Stephan, There is no such thing as a website blocked report in MY MB. I find what the file I attached with my second post, and nothing else. You will find attach the blocked page in Chrome, which is the same in Edge. My MB is in French. Log files might be called by a different name, but the most detailed I found is what I already gave you. If there is a specific path to the file you need, please provide it. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day DanyD
  4. Hi there, Is this what you need ? Or where can I find the file you are looking for ? Thanks a lot DanyD Compte rendu d'analyse 9 juillet 2019.txt
  5. Good day everyone, I started having problems with a letter my bank sends me, which I signed up for. No fraud or spam. I contacted the bank, I am the only one with this problem. I sent the letter to another computer and the links are fine and open without problem. I would like to know how I can tell Malwarebytes to aknowledge the links that are problematic and accept them as ligit. You will find below one of the false links. I am sorry for the quality of my language since I am from French speaking province in Canada. Your help would be welcomed. Thanks Dany https://links.marketing.bnc.ca/ctt?kn=3&ms=MzU4ODMxOQS2&r=MTY5NDc3NTg4NTQ2S0&b=0&j=ODAwNzQ1OTg0S0&mt=1&rt=0
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