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  1. @exile360 : Its more coplicated, than you think. A few minutes before I was Able to login my account yet, but: Ive bought my livetime license a long time ago, tha i change my city, my PC and a lot of other things get lost, also my livetime key. at my new place i bought a new pc, and bought me a MB year license, this licence now is shown in my account, sadly NOT my livetime licence After some time, living at my new place, and dig in my old setup CDs and Papers, I found my old livetime licence---NO Problem reactivating ! the customer support must know, the livetime
  2. @bdg2 : NOT by me, only the last update, that was 3.8.3, before ALL was fine. But as i said, NOT only me got the problems with 3.8.3 ! Btw.: Its NOT a help, you call the MB programmers "Idiots" ---they are NOT, they construct a fine, save, and fast Internt, and PC protection. You should NOT slander hard working Persons, not all is so easy, as you think, that is NOT a good behavior, in germany we say you breached the eticette !!!
  3. Its possible there is a problem with fraudlent licenses, but for sure mine is NOT, because I got before(because install new Hardware in my PC, change from Win7 to Win10...set up my Win10 new again) a lot of chat with the MB support and thy proofed my licence is valid and legal. I think its a issue/bug in the new 3.8.3 Software, because its not only me, got this problems ! It was a forum tread before, and it was closed, only after few answers, and said the "bug is fixed" I only can see... nothing is fixed. But my trail membership run out in 9 days, so its a lot of time for t
  4. They give a automatically support ticket number, ive answering instantly, after 24h, some they answering with anew ticket number. I answering this ticket, and send my license key/ID....3 days not one beep. at jul 8th, they want a proof/bill for my license. After the message i sign up(again) for this forum. It seems MB got a new owner, or new Personal ?!
  5. Thanks a lot Maurice, Ive already send them the licence key-TWO times, but O.K. ive to be patient !
  6. Thanks a lot for answering, Maurice ! I know all this points ive to do, but I am unable to login my account(not the first time). Because that it is not possible to deactivate my license for my one and only PC. regular, when MB offer me a free update for my existing, and long time on this PC running livetime license, should be automatically updated , and after installing running regular as livetime licence, and NOT instantly downgrade to a 14 days trial membership ! Now MB wants a proof/bill, for my a long time ago bought licence. Ive no more bill or E-Mail from this
  7. At Jul 4. in the night in the right side of my PC screen pop up a window from MB, for a free update. I have bought my livetime license a long time ago, from a company they ahve overbought it. MB works fine for a long time, also I was able to reinstall MB after change from Win7, to Win10,and after upgrade mxy PC with new Hardware(all with help from MB-Support) So after ive clicked to the update and install, it downgrade me to a 14 days trail membership. I try the MB removal tool, and try to reactivte, nothing works. It says ive overdone the number of activations( ive
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