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  1. Oh, interesting, a false positive due to the contents of a security-oriented weblog. Thanks a lot for the swift review and the feedback.
  2. Thank you very much! Can we know the technical details that led to the blacklisting in the first place? (e.g. suspicious file URL?)
  3. Hello, I am one of the administrators of the TuxFamily.org hosting platform. One of our hostees informed us that MalwareBytes blocks the IP address(es) behind download.tuxfamily.org. Attached is is the blocking notification kindly provided by the aforementioned hostee. As we are not direct users of MalwareBytes, we can hardly provide more information. TuxFamily.org is a shared/mutualised hosting platform and download.tuxfamily.org is a domain under which most hostees can store static files. Therefore, the whole download.tuxfamily.org domain probably got blocked because of a sing
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