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  1. Also, as it is still partially installed, we cannot open MBAM. The uninstall and new install get failure messages. I didn't seen an edit function, so making a new post.
  2. Well, that did not work at all. Yesterday, during a manual scan, it stuck on update. Then, we tried to Uninstall...and that jammed about one third of the way across the progress bar. Today, both of your links to INSTALL jammed about a third of the way across the progress bar, with Webroot turned off. I suspect a corrupt file, TBH...something that happened when the update was going on yesterday.
  3. Here is the log file. Thanks for helping us. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Running Malwarebytes Premium, Windows 10 on HP laptop. Update for Quick Scan sticks for 20 minutes on update level. So we shut off computer. On restart, goes back to where it left off...and the rest of the computer is very slow. Attempted to Uninstall Malwarebytes to reinstall, but that jammed as well. Restarted the computer and now Malwarebytes fails to open. Attempted to uninstall again and that failed.
  5. I just heard from Support! Kasia supplied me with a new license key, and it now works. Thanks for the help here, mods. I supplied Support with all the info I had, the license key and an email reference number....it must have been enough to prove my key was legit. IF you supply that link I wondered about Ron, you can close this thread. 😀😎
  6. I have no reason to doubt you, but could you point me to the thread where MBAM says that??? Thanks, Ron! PS Still nothing from Support.
  7. I am not a terribly patient person. Some time frame....and a good explanation why we got screwed....and maybe even an apology from MBAM would go a long way.
  8. @AdvancedSetup Just so you know, the email I used for the forum is not the same as the one I used for my license.
  9. Boy, that would have been helpful to avoid that update.... had MBAM thought to tell us before this happened. Instead of catching the innocent license holders in with everyone else.
  10. Thanks for that. I really appreciate your post and hope you are correct. This is a pretty frustrating thing to happen.
  11. That is way too long for Tech Support in my opinion. I think there was some issue with fraudulent licenses....and all are guilty until proven innocent. Really sucks. They really should have planned this better. Or maybe they should have planned.....period.
  12. Some warning or heads ups up would have been nice.....as it is, there's a lot of unhappy people around. What was MBAM thinking?????
  13. At least you got a reply from Support. How long did it take to hear from them? I'm almost at 24 hours.
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