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  1. Hello again exile, Its awesome that yours came already de-lidded with high quality thermal paste applied. So far I am currently satisfied with mine as long as it doesn't reach high 90s C temps. If I ever go the de-lidding route and have questions or questions about the options we could do to improve the temperature more I'll shoot you a PM if. I hope de-lidding and Kryonaut would enable me to run games without needing to undervolt. Thank you guys so much for all the help and advices!
  2. Hello exile, Thanks for the info. Undervolting definitely did help! I was able to reduce my temps by 10-20's C. My idle temps are mid 40s to 55 now while having Warframe Launcher open is now only high 60s - 70 C flat. While in-game with it was 70s-80s C while playing with a full squad of players, before it was 80s C while playing solo or reaching high 80s - 97s C or even reaching 100 C for a split seconds when playing with other players. I also have my Shift Speed set to 110 in Throttlestop. My laptop is also sitting on a cooling pad with 6 fans in slanted elevated position which i bought
  3. Hello again Exile, I removed the traces of Avast using using the uninstall utility (Kinda weird to find traces since I already removed it using the uninstall utility on safe mode as well upon Ron's advice). I searched about this High temp issue a few days when I noticed it and saw other MSI users complaining about the high temp but I was unable to link it to the intel 7th gen chip temp issue so I took a guess that it was caused by a malware since it was the first time i noticed the coolers flare out loudly like that. I appreciate the suggestion for de-lidding but I am scared that i might
  4. Hello @David H. Lipman, Steam is a game platform developed by valve I us it to launch my games bought from their store. While the Launcher.exe is the Launcher for the game Warframe from steam as well (I find it weird that Digital Extreme still requires the launcher for the Steam version of their game). I just opened the launcher to reproduce the unusual High temperature of my CPU. Hello @exile360, Here are the logs from Autoruns and Speccy. I already cleaned fans of the dust and reapplied thermal paste as i have mentioned in my first comment(which probably voided the warranty si
  5. Hello again Ron, I started the Launcher of the game Warframe to reproduce the high temperatures of the CPU. In the Process Explorer I noticed that my GPU memory is shooting up back and forth to 100% and about 13% for a split second. Other that that I honestly don't know what else to look for. HWMonitor.txt
  6. Hi Ron, The 100% disk usage is just a spike on start up and it goes to 1%-6% usage moments later. I'll try to reproduce it again later with hwmonitor when I get back home. However is it normal for my 8 GB RAM to be consumed up 40-50% when my memory usage in Task Manager is as little as 120 mb - 220 mb?
  7. Greetings Ron, I already reset Google Chrome sync and created a new restore point. Bit I can still see the CPU temp spiking during start up.
  8. Hi Ron, I only had 2 drives in my laptop C : drive for the SSD and D : drive for my HDD. I may have clicked the "assign drive letter" option for Drive E : and F: of Acronis but closed it both times when i was asked to choose a destination. the attached photo are what the folders that E : drive contains (it might be possible that this is a back-up of some sort?). Is there anyway to remove both E : and F: from being assigned? Also, my Chrome scan was clean, absolutely no detection.
  9. Hello Ron, I haven't done the steps to clean up my chrome since I cannot fully confirm if the VSS errors are fully fixed. Here are the logs for Acronis and FRST. Thanks. Shortcut.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt AcronisVSSDoctorReport_2019-07-17-11-47-59.txt
  10. Hello again Ron, Shall I only do the steps regarding Chrome Secure Preference detection once we fully confirm that there are no more errors in Volume Shadow Copy Service? I ran Acronis but there were still errors detected and there was no option to have it fixed. I ran Macrium Reflect Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Repair Tool, when the loading bar with the prompt "Registering VSS" is gone does it mean that the process is complete? I will post my Acronis logs and new FRST logs when i get back home. Thank you for your support.
  11. Hi Ron, I am done with uninstalling the programs you mentioned and here is the new FRST logs that you requested. Thanks. Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  12. Hi Ron, Thanks for the removal on the block. I will follow your advice when I get home in around 7 hours.
  13. Hello, I suspect that i may have a Malware in my system, I may have been infected 20 days ago from a downloaded file since i noticed the initial suspicious symptoms during that period. I was playing the game Warframe on Steam and as suddenly i experiencing FPS drops till it froze then i tried force exiting the game and opening the Task Manager but I was unable to open them. I forced restarted my laptop.Third restart the stuttering and freezing was gone but this is where i noticed that my Laptops fans are flaring out louder than usual and saw that my CPU temp is reaching 80-90 Degrees Cels
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