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  1. yep this is exactly what i think it's happening, I'm not sure who runs a company and think this is a way to treat customers. But I guess in their eyes lifetime members are dead weight SMH I kept 3 for myself and none of them work.
  2. Apparently this is not an isolated incident. I really hope you guys are not trying to do away some of the lifetime members like this by intentionally disabling keys and make people have to track back their purchase just to find physical proof while fully expecting probably many will not be able to since it's been years. And in my case I gave a couple of mine to relatives and it's next to impossible to track back everything. You do realize you guys are screwing with some of the most loyal and some of the earliest supporter of your company right? You got me flipping through boxes after boxes but I only got more angry because I feel I shouldn't have to do this and this is a pure dick move by a money hungry company.
  3. I turned on my PC about 30 minutes ago and a Malwarebytes update showed up. After the update I noticed it was asking if I want to start the Pro trail. (This is happened before where Malwarebytes made me reenter my License after an update, it was quite annoying but good thing I saved my info and it was painless.) But this time I got a message telling me my license key was blacklisted and I should contact Malwarebytes support. I bought several of these Lifetime License keys (I just looked it up) from Newegg back in 2013 during a sale. I have attached my proof of purchase from Newegg. Please help, thanks..
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