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  1. Thank you. I think MalwareBytes has separate narratives for pup-optional-webwatcher and the adware-employed version. I'm really worried about the source of the file and who if anyone has been illegally spying on my PC
  2. Greetings, thanks for your time and help. Malware Bytes detected an instance of WebWatcher in my registry (PUP.Optional.WebWatcher) .... in a registry location apparently associated with the Adware LookSafe..... I'm in my 30s, living alone.... So no one was authorized to install the commercial version of the monitoring program on my PC. I have two quick questions: 1) Is there any way to analyze the registry entry/Malwarebytes quarantine item, and find out if in fact someone actually installed the program on my computer physically with a thumb-drive etc.? .... If that's the case I need to immediately reevaluate who I am inviting into my home, I think! 2) Is there any way to tell if this instance of the program is for adware-generation or something more malicious like logging keystrokes and even accessing the microphone? I ask because I am considering switching all my passwords Forgive my ignorance on this please. I was pretty terrified that this thing has been lurking on my PC for months. Definitely was the most serious infection I've had in years.
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