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  1. Ok, I turned on my PC today and didn't get a threat detected. I will post again if I pick something up, thank you.
  2. It doesn't pop up a lot but it'll pick up a virus here and there after turning it on.
  3. I download music with uTorrent but I'm talking about the DNSChanger and mail.ru that pops up from time to time.
  4. Hi, like that guy above I scanned and here is what it shows.
  5. My goodness even when I bring up the start menu it says it's on Cortana too. I think I have to get a new PC.
  6. And not only that but this also pops up when I get in Microsoft Edge
  7. I used MalwareBytes to remove the viruses that windows defender couldn't for some reason but the website blocked is still popping up.
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