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  1. I've already purchased your yearly. And got my other boxes going with a couple lifetime lic on another site. I will purchase more if needed. This isn't making you guy's look good though. I'm an older man I really don't have time for all this. It's worth the $ just to be done with it. It's possible that my 5 year old lic was bogus I doubt it. I will Attach my lic # that was deactivated in a text file. However I never did it online at your site . I never did any of them that way. they're was no need to. I will from now on.
  2. I tried registering the ones I have online. I've had these for 5 years plus and it's saying they are already in use. I never activated online before. From now on I will though.
  3. You guys are not looking good MB. It's the win 10 1903 update I'm betting on it. All 5 of my pc's are doing this crap. I'm moving on. I bought 1 1 yr for my main box but I will be changing to Superanti Spyware pro or something. If you can't manage a update .... Its funny how the screw up gets rid of lifetime licenses?
  4. I never created a Account anywhere. I got my license a long time ago. This isnt the first time you guyus have screwed me over. A malware company thats acting like malware. Create an Acct for what? To get our data like everyone else.
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