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  1. I checked into my license further and it was a yearly not a lifetime license 👶. I paid for 3 new licenses and they went in just fine. Malwarebytes is excellent software that I have been using for years. Between it and Webroot, I feel my PCs have appropriate protection for browsing the web safely. I appreciate everyone's help.
  2. Thanks all for your excellent support. Did install the beta for Chrome and activated Windows security essentials. So I think I am good for now, till I hear back from my ticket. I actually found my NewEgg receipt and it said my license was for three seats. Have a great July 4th weekend.
  3. It was so many years ago that I purchased the licenses, however it was purchased from a reputable vendor NewEgg. It was registered with Malwarebytes and now shows expired (see attached). I am now running a trial license, so it shows no machines per the path you suggested. I did try the clean tool, but the free license is now limited, it does not do real time scans. I will wait on the Malwarebytes support team to respond to my ticket. I hate running my laptops without the extra protection :). Thank you for the quick response. 2_MWB.pdf
  4. Same issue on two laptops as mentioned in this blog. When upgraded to latest Malwarebytes version, it did not accept the license. Tried all fixes mentioned in post and still can not activate the license. Now when I log into my account, it shows my lifetime three device license as expired. Did download trial, however it does not provide full protection for 14 days. Real time protection is disabled. Any ideas how to get a full functioning trial? I have a feeling support will be backed up in responding to tickets. Thank you.
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