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  1. Hi Ron, I have tried going through the ticket system (now closed because I wasn't able to reply quick enough). Initially I emailed the ticket system further proof of purchase, credit card statement with charges from Cleverbridge. I also asked Cleverbridge who supplied me a reference number and a link that displays my purchase with ID and key in their system (I will not post link). After some back and forth emails over the last several weeks with ticket support, Rose advised me that she is unable to make account changes as my ID and key got registered to someone else's email (I have their email on hand also, but will not post). However, Rose said she can offer me a 1year subscription for free instead. I would prefer to keep the lifetime license and am more then happy to supply the last few bits of information / details I have, but my reply may be delayed, as sometimes due to where I'm stationed I may not have internet access. Please help if possible.
  2. Opps read the wrong thread, sorry about that Ron.
  3. Hi Ron, My ticket number is: 2650629. Not sure why its not on the account. May have gotten distracted and lodged it in IE (Firefox noscript issues).
  4. Hi guys, Thanks, I lodged a ticket last night and with it I submitted the 'mbst-grab-results.zip' from running 'mb-support-' as well as my original proof of purchase invoice. I'm happy to wait for the ticket to progress through the queue. The error shown is: 'The usage level has exceeded the maximum installations allowed...' I've tried to de-activate, but to do that meant I had to register my license, created this account (Not sure if I had one previously). Upon trying to do that it says 'The product key you are trying to use is already registered.'.
  5. Same problem with license after update, Lodged a ticket, hopefully they can help resolve the issue.
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