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  1. I’m still seeing site being blocked. When will the site be unblocked?
  2. Wow. I have removed the malicious code. Thanks for pointing that out. Somehow Adobe missed this. What’s the next step?
  3. My managed cloud website by Adobe is being blocked by Malwarebytes Chrome Extension. http://www.moraga.ca.us/ Adobe support reaffirmed it in this support ticket. Please unblock. Thanks. screencapture-virustotal-gui-url-3fc01cea52edb1c423a62925b111201bff02d0b5d7f97666b6a8692b6ec1ae66-detection-2019-07-03-17_56_56.pdf
  4. screencapture-virustotal-gui-url-3fc01cea52edb1c423a62925b111201bff02d0b5d7f97666b6a8692b6ec1ae66-detection-2019-07-03-17_56_56.pdf
  5. I think this is a false positive and Adobe support confirmed. Here is the tech support from Adobe saying that they scan for malicious content and virus on a regular basis. Can you unblock our site http://www.moraga.ca.us from your blacklist. Thanks.
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