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  1. I agree - far faster than the support ticket channel! Much appreciated!! And someone should really look at the UX for the Deactivate license thing - make it say "Deactivate THIS License" and if you want to do all, have a separate function to do that. It's confusing, especially when one normally does not touch the licenses all that often (in my case 3 changes in over 10 years on 4 licenses) Cheers!
  2. Well even a blind sow finds an acorn now and then - I deactivated the right key for my laptop and entered the deactived ID and key back in and POOF - it works! Thanks for the help!!!!! I guess I will have to do this for the other three though. I shouldn't have to though...
  3. Well I took a shot and deactivated the one I think is my laptop. One would have thought this was not necessary. BTW, is there a way to see the MB key - like in the registry or something? Or via a key finder like for Windows?
  4. Well how do I confirm which key is for whcih machine? I mean I think I know but if I do the wrong one what happens?
  5. I'm in the same boat - only with 4 lifetime licenses. So only support can fix this? The "deactivate all" thing is not all that clear to me and worry that I will have four devices on the fritz. Who designed this update?? Did they test it?
  6. I just upgraded one of my 4 licenses (each with separate ID and key) and sure enough, MB3 tells me I am over my license count and downgraded me from Preium to 14 day trial. Seriously - does no one test these things?? I have to deactivate ALL 4 licenses and then reactivate them? Where? On each laptop or in the account? *I* should not have to do any of this and the upgrade to 3.8 should have recognized my existing valid lifetime key. To top it off, a day and half now and not a peep from "support". Frankly I'm afraind to "deactivate all" for fear that NONE of them will come back. And like who knows where my Cleverbridge email is now? Although my account clearly shows 4 lifetime licences. Yeesh.
  7. Serves me right for upgrading. I just upgraded to MB 3 latest version (had 4 user license for a decade) and now I'm downgraded from Premium to Trial. WHY? Doesn't anyone test these things??? Same machine as the previous version. Shouldn't the upgrade use the existing key? And to add insult to injury I created a ticket and NOTHING other than "we'll get back to you". The instructions for deactivating license are not all that clear and it seems like I have to deactivate all of them??? And how can I be certain if I only have to deactivate mine, which one of the 4 it is? This is seriously poor support.
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