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  1. Hi, all of this started when I downloaded a program (didn't pirate, program was free) but I downloaded it from an apparently fishy website and I got some viruses. So I got rid of them, everything fine, and then I notice that System Interruptions was running on high CPU usage (up to 90%) until I opened Task Manager, and I know that because I can see that it is running high for a split second and then it instantly goes down, my room also sounded like a busy airport sometimes. I try several anti-malware, virus, etc. programs, nothing finds anything, not in rootkits, anywhere. and this conti
  2. Hello, so I recently noticed that my CPU was running on high usage until I opened task manager. When I open task manager, it drops to 2-7% from 50-80%. I really don't know how to find out the name of the virus of the location, because each time I open task manager, it freezes until the usage is at normal again, so I don't really have a chance to find out anything about it. I tried running SpyHunter5, it found Trojan.ICLoader but I can't really get rid of it with the free version. I ran Kaspersky a few days back too, it didn't really find anything. Is there any help to this?
  3. Alright, seems like nothing is appearing so far, I am going to keep checking if any new malware pops up and if some do pop up, I am going to head back here and create a new thread. Thanks a lot for helping.
  4. MalwareBytes didn't find anything because I already deleted the malware yesterday but it might pop up again, oh and the log in MalwareBytes is in Czech language. AdwCleaner found a lot of stuff I didn't know about and I don't know about FRST. Thanks for replying though @AdvancedSetup (sorry for mentioning you, but some people on forums just don't respond if I don't mention them in my reply and I don't know how it works here, I won't mention next time if you want) MalwareBytes log: mb.txt AdwCleaner log: ac.txt FRST log: FRST.txt Additional: Addition.txt
  5. So I have this problem with some malware, I got it several months ago, back then it gave me around 200 malware but I got rid of it, except for some survivors. I did a scan like 1 month ago and I had the malware there too, now I did the scan again and I have three more malware popping up at me. One is called Trojan.FakeTool.E(it is a registry key located in a HKU folder), the second one Adware SonicSearch (it is a registry value in a HKLM folder) and Generic.Malware/Suspicious(it is a file located in AppData/Roaming in a file I don't remember download so yeah) or whatever it is called. I tried
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