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  1. Thank you for your answer! I have an iPhone, and it redirected me to the music app on my home screen, which every iPhone has downloaded when you get it. I don’t think there were any ads in this redirection process, but thank you for you answer.
  2. Any answer, even “I have no clue”, would be greatly appreciated. I am very concerned
  3. I was trying to type in YouTube.com, but I mistyped. I was redirected a few times, and I finally was taken out of safari to the Apple Music app, where it said, “You Already Have An Apple Music Subscription”, which I do. I tried to retype the misclick to see what happened(not very smart of me), but ended up on another site where I was redirected to an HVAC company. Does this mean I’m hacked? I didn’t click anything on the websites.
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