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  1. thank you for the response - that is what I was expecting (i.e. temp files that I can delete) so I will give a test when I am next in the school and post a response then. May not be until next week but I will also check my other schools in the meantime. thanks again. Phil
  2. hello all. I have the Incident Response and Endpoint Protection product installed, via LGFL , at a number of my LGFL schools and this is all working fine. However yesterday I noticed that on a number of pcs at one of these schools the “C:\programdata\malwarebytes\mbamservice” was in excess of 25Gb which is a fair chunk of data if the pc only has an ssd drive of 128Gb. The files taking up space are shown , as an example, on the screenshot below. On some pcs the folder size was considerably less so I guess this is something to do with malware infections either being quarantined
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