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  1. Malwarebytes / Component Package 1.0.972 for me did not resolve the Windows 10 v2004 slowness after waking up from sleep. I didn't reboot Windows after the Malwarebytes upgrade and didn't have issues with Ransomware enabled until the laptop went to sleep / woke up. I'll do a hard reboot to see if that changes the behavior.
  2. @lmacri Thank you! I'm glad they did the right thing. @Maurice Naggar Thank you for your offers to assist. I opted to open a support ticket to provide information from an affected machine. Mods: Feel free to close this discussion and thank you for your patience with me.
  3. Ah, I didn't see that mentioned. That is the recommendation whenever there are pending file renames and OP said they restarted twice before running the report tool so I'm curious what a third reboot will do. What are your thoughts on OP's question about why Malwarebytes isn't aware of the pending file renames and also why the files didn't get renamed after two non-fast startup reboots?
  4. Well that's not very friendly. Should I open a ticket to have the forum description changed to remove the bold part below? Have questions or problems with Malwarebytes for Windows? Post them here to get advice from tech experts and fellow users. When Malwarebytes fixes the slowdown problem for v2004 I can stop checking here and go away like I always do. Until then I'll participate in the forum to help fellow users and correct misinformation.
  5. After pressing the Start button and Power button, hold down the shift key when you click Restart to bypass Window's Fast Startup so the files may be renamed.
  6. That is not in the EULA. Please provide an authoritative link. The EULA states 25 devices.
  7. The EULA states that: Your license permits you to use the Software solely for your personal, non-commercial purposes; the Software may not be used on any Device that is used in a business or for business purposes. However, there is a Small Business Exception: if you have a business with no more than 10 total Devices, you may use the paid version of Malwarebytes for Home Software in your business for business purposes You may send licensing questions directly to Malwarebytes at support@malwarebytes.com.
  8. For anyone still looking at Cool57's stuff, they mentioned the problem happened after their PC woke up from sleep. Today my first slowness occurred also when waking up from sleep. Just FYI if that helps focus the effort somewhere.
  9. I neglected to mention this is simply a response to Maurice to let them know of my results of what they asked me to do. I am not soliciting assistance.
  10. Unfortunately after updating to component package version 1.0.955 and then v2004 the problem returned. Out of curiosity I disabled real-time protections one by one. Turning off Ransomware Protection stopped the slowness so far, but after turning off I've only been using the laptop for about 30 minutes.
  11. Hello Maurice, Thank you for the update. I have automatic updates enabled and MalwareBytes still reported the Component package as 1.0.931 after this morning's automatic check. I clicked Check for updates and 1.0.995 did get applied. I'll give updating to 2004 another try after a new backup image / restore point.
  12. I'll chime in and say I've been a software developer for large chunks of my life and I've been very careful to not say the issues are in MalwareBytes itself. v2004's latest revision is dated 6/9/2020 so Microsoft may have flipped a bit at any time in the past four-ish weeks and now 2004 and MalwareBytes aren't besties. Maybe that's why older installations aren't problematic. As @Neverwinterx referred to, 2004 has only been released for 14 days after being in the Preview Ring for a couple of weeks. Here's my frustration with this forum in case the words land somewhere: Porthos' quoted comment itself is a denial. Or quibbling. Or pushback. I asked for a notification when issues are resolved with v2004. I didn't ask for all issues to be resolved nor specify it had to be a MalwareBytes fix. I just want to know when I can use my computer with both MalwareBytes and v2004. No rush, I can wait. I didn't think there would be a discussion to my quick request. I would have been happier with "No" or "We'll pass that along" instead of being drawn into the weeds. There are different helpers here with different takes, different opinions, different expertise, and the conversations turns into circular arguments as someone tags in to pick apart a response to someone else. There are three-ish frustrated customers in this one thread and and they are being told in different, subtle (and not so subtle) ways they are wrong. My experience is that's not unique to this thread. On the up side this forum helps people with the same type of issue over and over, but it feels rigid and unwelcoming when anything outside the box comes up.
  13. Hi Syurba, I don't expect you'll get that information here. I'm not sure if even the Staff that posts here are privy to those details. I generally find information on other sites and then sometimes pop in here to see if it's been acknowledged or still being treated as our problem. Based on the responses to my request here I don't expect any targeted communication, but three and six month old Microsoft items are worth keeping pinned. I only lost about three hours on my Win10 upgrade attempt, but I spent much longer trying to get iTunes operational. I've overlooked the lack of communication and support because I believed in the product, but these types of issues make me question why I stick with a three-legged stool missing two legs. I communicated the v2004 issues to others I know who use Malwarebytes (they didn't know anything about it and would have also blindly stubbed their toe had they upgraded). Sadly I now consider MalwareBytes the most problematic application on my PCs.
  14. Hi Maurice, I typically open tickets directly to MalwareBytes and don't come to this forum for assistance because of the same types of responses I'm getting in this thread. But I like technical questions and technical answers so in the spirit of helping see my responses below. I haven't opened a support ticket yet because I updated to v2004 then rolled back to v1909 both Sunday night and haven't had time today to spend on this. My plan was to open a ticket and let support advise me on if they wanted any information collected prior to me updating to v2004 again. It affected the entire system, including with no browsers launched. Randomly and usually within five minutes of booting the system would slow to the point where it appeared frozen (only because I didn't wait longer than five minutes before doing a dirty shutdown). Sometimes launching new Edge caused the slowness immediately. Chrome didn't as often, but after a couple of occurrences I shifted to troubleshooting so I would reboot and only launch Event Viewer (no browsers), Task Manager, or NotePad++ to take notes, running DSIM and sfc to look for issues, etc. No matter what I did or what I had open, including no browsers, the slowness occurred. After chasing my tail on some event log errors that appear to be common to v2004 and benign and removing an application, I decided to cut my losses and roll back because I wasn't prepared to validate everything on the laptop one by one to find the problem. It was after I rolled back I discovered the MalwareBytes connection being reported in other forums besides this one so I came here instead of disabling or removing it as others were advising. The Quick Scan on start ran normally and sometimes finished before any slowness. I did not feel there was a connection between the two. I didn't capture my MalwareBytes version at the time (not knowing it was the issue), but I'm currently at, Update package 1.0.25236, and Component package 1.0.931. If there have been no updates in the past 30-ish hours then that's what I had. After the iTunes conflict it crossed my mind to disable MalwareBytes on a whim, but as I mentioned above I didn't want to randomly try things. Last night was the first update to 2004. I no longer have the patience nor time to play with previews or early releases or betas (which is why I don't want to use the MalwareBytes beta just to use v2004). I'm in no hurry. My apologies for the long response. The devil is often in the details.
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