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  1. Afternoon, There's a bit TOO many to show but here's the list of the IP's in the attactment as well as one detailed look as well as the log. Hope this helps. MBAMSERVICE.LOG.zip
  2. Recently I've got back into playing games on my Steam profile, mainly games like Team Fortress 2 & Garry's Mod. Issue is that every time I start it up, it constantly gives me loads and loads of outbound connection "web blocks" but I'm simply sitting in the main menu so I doubt I went into a bad server, had a friend help me out, told me to put the file in question /garrymod/hl2.exe in the allow list as an example but next time I ran the game it carried on. In the end I turned the web protection off which seemed to stop it spamming, if there is a better solution I'd like to know. As far as I know it's only been on those 2 games but I'll give it a try more on other games to see if I get anymore pop ups But I'm just questioning if people also had the same thing happen to them when they play steam games as well and if they have a better solution.
  3. Good Evening, Here's the link, says everything is undetected: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ee74c213c9f289bee0b9aef0e71b63abf88285cd04bb7158a2c7e2eba957ad6b/detection What I am aware is that with some games I play on steam (Team Fortress 2, Gmod, Mordhau, etc) there are custom servers which will have an ad before you can start playing on the server. I think they're harmless as the owners of the server uses them to pay for the server to keep going. Other than that I don't think there are any other reasons for steam to do so
  4. Hello, thank you for getting back to me quickly, I hope I done this all correctly. and to your question, I believe so? I'm sadly not all familiar with the PC info / techs but it said a website was blocked with that name "Tagan.adlightning.com" etc. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hello, I'm new to this and not entirely sure what exactly I need to show or not, don't want to accidently leak out anything personal Anyway, on the 22/6 apparently Malwarebytes noticed a Trojan with a domain of "Tagan.Adlightning.com" which was found in my steamwebhelper. Now I can't really remember if I went on anything suspicious but I doubt it as I usually just tend to keep in steam's site / youtube anyway. I had a few scans after on both Malwarebyte and Norton and both saying my pc's fine. I also tried Malware's adwcleaner and again, nothing suspicious came out Not sure if anyone else has received this or not but I heard that sometimes the steam overlay could cause a false threat but I'm very cautious when I get things like these and just wants to know if anyone here has had an situation sort of similar like this.
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