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  1. It’s my fault for not clarifying, this is an older laptop that’s running windows 7 32-bit, not windows 10. It did manage to system restore from safe mode and most applications are starting up normally. However I still have no internet connections and I am kind of worried about residual damage or whatever might have caused this in the first place. Any recommendations?
  2. Bumping this topic because I’m seriously screwed here. Any help would be great.
  3. I ran the basic repair tool without thinking (I was fairly tired) and upon restarting, literally nothing works. I can log in alright but programs won’t run, either doing nothing or giving me error messages. I can’t even see any available networks never mind connect to them. I’ve gotten errors for the Microsoft Notification Center, windows firewall, windows update settings, and once there was even a log telling me that the video hardware itself was damaged, which never came back after a second reset. A system restore ends up failing as well, saying it can’t access a file. Please help me ASAP.
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