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  1. Weird thing was I never actually purchased a life time license it just appeared on my account. Whether or not it stated 3 devices in the past, it states only 1 now and I HAVE been using the product for a very long time with out further compensation so I have purchased a 3 device yearly license just now. I definitely want to support the product as it has always done a great job at protecting my systems. So long as the prices are kept reasonable I don't mind paying the early subscriptions. I've been telling people for years Malwarebytes (the paid for version) + Msoft Defender comb
  2. Well my license specifically used to say 3 devices. What other devices would I put it on other than my windows system (especially back then ) When it seems to me the mobile version of the app (at least last time I tried it) was a different license .
  3. After the upgrade this morning my malwarebytes also fails to activate. I have gone into my account to get my license key to re-activate it and to my surprise, My life time premium key for up to 3 devices has turned into a key for 1 device and it says I'm already using it on too many devices and demanding I turn off licenses on my other devices to bring it back down to 1. I have submitted a trouble ticket but thought I'd post that info here as well in case others were running into this same issue .
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