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  1. Ron, I can confirmed this issue has been fixed now. Mod, You may close this thread. Thank you to all of you for the help!
  2. Just an update, my case is still pending resolution. I have access to my account (email used when purchasing from Malwarebytes). But no subscription is listed there & I still cannot link my license to my account.
  3. I have already replied to support ticket before replying this thread. An update, no problem activating my license on my laptop. I will update this thread once the issue of unable to register product key is resolved. Thank you again!
  4. Hello Ron, Thank you for the following up. My laptop is not with me currently, I will let you know when I am able to activate. As I mentioned to your support staff, my issue is not completely solved as I am still unable to register the license under My Account (see attached). The product key is registered to who? In the event this happens again, I will need to contact support? Thank you.
  5. There is nothing under subscription & I cannot add my ID/License Key. I have quoted Cleverbridge reference no (after obtaining it from Cleverbridge) in my second reply to the ticket.
  6. Thanks for the detailed response. I am unable to register this license key under My Account (error: The product key you are trying to use is already registered.). Tried many times registering the ID/License Key but unsuccessful, the error always read - The product key you are trying to use is already registered There is nothing for me to deactivate/re-activate under My Account. I did run the support tool on 21 June 2019 & the report was also sent on the same day when submitted the ticket.
  7. Ticket submitted under 2639356 on 21 June 2019. It has been five days & I do not seem to receive any reply from Malwarebytes (as of now). This problem (Maximum Installations Achieved) occurred after updating to beta 3.8.1. I am unable to register my license under My Account with error - The product key you are trying to use is already registered. The key is 100% legit which I purchased from Malwarebytes in 2008 & processed by Clevebridge For your kind attention. Thank you!
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