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  1. Maurice, you are good on staying on a subject! Downloaded and ran it. Found 55 PUPs, deleted all the PUPS.Optional, except the two Amazon. Deleted 4 drive Agent, 39 Legacy, 2 SlimCleanerPlus, 2 SupportDotCom, and 6 The Bright Tag. I read the Malwarebytes article before downloading the Adwcleaner, and I looked at the scan log and I did not see any of the cue words mentioned in the article before removing/repairing. Thanks Maurice!
  2. Thanks Maurice, yes, I have Edge with Win 10 and I will try to download Adwcleaner as you recommend. -Doug
  3. Maurice, thanks for responding so quickly and completely. I have a Dell Inspiron M531R with Windows 10 that I purchased off QVC in early 2014. The deal was to include lifetime McAfee and tech support. QVC's original tech support helped me get rid of this ransomeware several times before going out of business. McAfee likes to give me the run around which is why I picked up Malwarebytes. I have been turning off my PC at the off switch when these ransomeware pages open and start screeching at me, then when I open the browser again I shut it down closing out all the pages that were previously on. In the last 3 weeks the ransomeware has come on at least twice a week. I'm busy with some other business today, but will try to get through all your recommendations this week. Thanks again!
  4. These windows pages claim that my security and financial information is being captured and sent to thieves unless I contact the number given. Malwarebytes and McAfee do not stop it. Windows health system checks do not find it.
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