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  1. it seems to have started to update and work now so shull i not run that program and end this post here?
  2. Hi today when trying to update malwarebytes i get a message saying it wont update as in the picture.
  3. I still have the boxes and bits of card with the key and id on them and the disks that came with the original buy
  4. That would be great thanks Advancedsetup, much appreciated.
  5. they wont help without an invoice and i dont have one it was years ago i got my licences now i find i have nothing just cant help this is poor i gotta say. in the past mbam has always been good. i feel really let down from a company i trusted for years.
  6. I have a problem with contacting that way i dont have an account my id and keys are life time ones from before accounts what do i do know please?
  7. Hello when i try and use my activation codes that i have had for many years they say i cant use them they are blacklisted. I have done nothing wrong so why would this be please.
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