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  1. Hi Nathan, thanks for that info, now I know how to react to this myself. While I don't disagree with your decision to report potentially unwanted apps to users, I still think the implementation could be improved. In particular, the wording "dangerous malware" is misleading (actually it's technically wrong, that software was not created with "malicious" intent). Ideally, and other antivirus software does this already, Malwarebytes would explain the situation briefly, i.e. point out that this piece of software is generally benign, but might be unwanted. Cheers Philipp
  2. Hi, I have the Avast Anti-Theft app (Play Store link), which hasn't received in almost three years, so it's still version 4.2.0. During its latest scan, Malwarebytes for Android ( started reporting it as "Android/Monitor.AntiTheft.AVA". Yesterday I selected to ignore it, but today Malwarebytes sent a notification that a new scan is required because previously I "ignored dangerous malware". Is that intentional (if so the wording is a tad extreme, and the notifications shouldn't bother me daily)? Otherwise, I'd just like to report it as a false positive. Thanks
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