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  1. AdwCleaner[C04].txtAdwCleaner[S04].txt I guess this is what you asked for, because I didn't find any reports button on AdwCleaner. I mentioned NET Framework because before this, I was installing NET Framework through a third party app and now I cannot reinstall or uninstall it. So, anything might be the problem.
  2. So, I deleted my current account and started a fresh USER account. AT first Chrome was working alright, but after restarting cse.google comes back. I ran a NET Framework cleanup and the logs are under, I don't know if they're helpful but kindly take a look. cleanup_main.log
  3. Yes, I did everything you said but looks like cse.google is back and I'm still redirected to different websites when I click anywhere on the screen. Also, brother, I am accustomed to Google and don't want to switch. So, kindly help me sort this problem in Google itself. Also, now my browser has a "Managed By Organisation" thing written on it.
  4. UPDATE: It seems that cse.google for now is gone but the google search results come blank. The homepage for Google comes up, but when I search anything on it the results are blank. Blank white page. Also, Искать в Интернете this thing is still there on my computer.
  5. I’m so sorry I’m out of station for work, please do not close the discussion, I’ll get back to you in a day or two. Sorry for the inconsistency.
  6. UPDATE: cse.google is back and this time I was redirected to https://dfp.aarth.net/?cid=uPIGE&sub1=2678515
  7. No, I do not. In fact there's a random folder under favorites with this name Искать в Интернете, no idea what that is. Also for some weird reason I can actually access Google.com now, but I've a feeling that it's only temporary.
  8. I've added the logs and since Sunday I haven't run MalwareByte or AdwCleaner in my computer. I must also add that due to this virus its is not only redirecting google to cse.google but whenever I'm on a website for example this, forum.malware, and I click anywhere then I'm redirected to another ad page. Kindly see, I'm in great trouble. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I've run MalwareByte countless times but my problem hasn't solved. AdwCleaner keeps detecting 2 threats but can't remove them. I've also tried reinstalling chrome many times. Please Help.
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