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  1. Here is the windows defender offline scan and i'm not sure but GMER also has a rootkit listed, should I post that aswell? MPDetection-20190628-150050.log MPLog-20190628-150050.log msssWrapper.log
  2. sorry! this is the furthest ive ever been with a support from any malware removal just excited Here are a few scans, i'm currently doing msert scan and will do offline scan now but I am afraid I might not be able to get back into windows sometimes it just refuses to load / get stuck at spinning wheel after first reboot and will have to reset, should I continue? sammui was found in debug folder if necessary and passwd.txt is in there aswell if necessary. mbytethreatscan.txt sammui.log
  3. here is a partial scan of it before it gets paused mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. FRSTenglish keeps having script paused checked, what do I do?
  5. Absolutely but I guarantee this is a trojan I'm at 88% btw, will post a log very very soon!
  6. Is my current computer status sorry this is gonna take me more than 30 mins it seems will you still be around?
  7. Windows 1903 latest update / I am currently in the process of resetting this PC for the 100th time so I can diagnose and hope that you can help! It has had it on and off but most recently McAfee Full Security or something from my internet provider. I personally have not seen the trojan but have seen the autoruns _Xiajit.dll and nsiproxy, with tons of svchosts being run on a fresh install and therefore I do not know what trojan I have but its definitely there! :( Does that mean 3 wipes / erasures of the disc and then reloading Windows as new clean install ? 3 secure erases to zero and then reloading, yes. I will get to the Malwarebytes support tool as soon as the reset is done give me within 10-20 mins?
  8. I cannot get rid of this thing / trojan horse please help my conputer has been out of commission for a week now and I need it back. Persists through reformatting 3 passes Will do anything....
  9. also it creates fake virtual homepages, ive seen this on rare occassion by hitting the back button a few times and the background would just change to the default or even go black and then back to normal.
  10. Hi, It started as a persistent malware virus on my windows 10 machine and slowly creeped into our network, verified this by probing out our devices on our network and found we where getting hit by constant hidden IPs on a certain machine which was our Sony tv that has a thing called Bravia which is somewhat constantly open on the internet. Anyways long story short, It's hit my phone and currently controls all permissions, fakes apps off the play store, no scanner can find it and nothing not even a reformat / full erase can remove it. Please help!
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