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  1. Hi Maurice, Thank you very much for bearing with me! And also, I think the adware is also gone! MalwareReport.txt I have uploaded the report below.
  2. Hi, I have downloaded and run the adware cleaner, AdwCleaner[S01].txthowever, no adwares came up. I have attached a log below.
  3. Hi, I've attached the file you are looking for. I have got the report scan for the adware attached as "malwareLog". Best Regardsmbst-grab-results.zipmalwareLog.txt
  4. Hi, I am seeing the same problem as: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/248429-adwaremailrubatbitrst-keeps-reappearing/?tab=comments#comment-1317760 The adware keeps coming up, Google Clean Up produces an error. I've run the scan multiple times and the same adware keeps appearing.malwareLog.txt I've attached the malware bytes log here for reference. Please help me.
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