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  1. SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zipI I've been having blue screen errors, freezes, and occasional "no bootable device found" instances constantly lately.Here's what I'e done to try to fix it:sfc /scannowDISMchkdskMalwarebytesADWcleaner Junkware Removal ToolSuperAntiSpywareDisabling fast startupAcer Care Center tuneupCrystalDiskInfo (disk is fine)Windows Memory Diagnostic (memory is fine)Intel Driver and Support AssistantManually checking for updates for every driver in device managerRolling back to earlier graphics cardUninstalling recently installed programsUninstalling recently installed updates, then later reinstalling themHere are the types of issues I encounter:1. BSoD: I typically get Critical Process died and Unexpected Store Exception errors. These are regular blue screen errors, and on occasion they collect error data to completion. Using WhoCrashed?, I cannot identify the driver causing the issue. The program keeps reccomending I update ntdll.sys, but that doesn't appear to be a real driver.2. Freezes: Whatever I'm doing freezes. I can still move my mouse, and click on the windows button, however when I try to click on the power button to restart, I can't. At some point, everything on my desktop except the recycle bin vanishes, including background pic and icons.3. Failed boots: On occasion, the computer fails to boot altogether. Sometimes it will say "no bootable device found", other times it brings me to "windows boot manager". Usually it just needs a couple restarts and it's back to normal.4. Corrupted Recycle Bin: This is an interesting one. For whatever reason I downloaded the File&Folder Troubleshooter from microsoft. The first time I ran it, it fixed a few issues, and also told me the recycle bin was corrupted, and fixed it. Now interestingly enough, I ran it again a day or two after, and the recycle bin had been corrupted again. I now run it several times a day, and at least once a day, it tells me the recycle bin is corrupted, and fixes it. I don't know what this means or why it is usually corrupted, but thought it would be good to note.This just sort of came out of nowhere. I don't know what could've caused it, although I had a failed update (I was not on the internet and windows tried to update) around the time it started.The errors almost never occur on wifi. I gave it to my school's IT to try and fix, and they never once got it to crash, and it was connected the whole time. At home, I do not have wifi. This is where crashes occur 99% of the time.Shutting down the computer instead of sleep mode it seems to reduce the number of crashes.The crashes occur at any time. Using any program. Sometimes even when I start the computer up.Restarting it seems to get rid of whatever issue it has, even when it fails to boot.I have plenty of storage space left. My CPU and Disk usage never go above 10%, my memory usage never above 40%. OS - Windows 10· x64 ?· Windows 10· Pre-Installed· About two years old Have not reinstalled OS· CPU: Intel Core i7-6500U· Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 520· Acer Swift 3 Model Number: SF314-51· Laptop
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