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  1. Hi All. Everything seems to be working fine now. Your help is much appreciated, Thank you
  2. O.K, Blocking the push notifications seems to have fixed the pop-ups! The below 2 were allowed, and I blocked them.:
  3. The pop up ad appears after I open Chrome or even click on a link in an email that opens chrome. It normally posts 3 ads in succession and then they disappear for a while.
  4. Guys, I am back at work, I am from South Africa so there is a time difference. I did install Drivermax but about 2 years ago.The WhiteClick started a few months back after we downloaded something.
  5. Guys, I ran everything again, WhiteClick found again and removed, ran all scans again.Results attached. Malware scan 250619_15h18.txt FRST_250619_15h31.txt Addition250619_15h31.txt
  6. Sorry, was out of the office yesterday, and have some deadlines to meet now nearing month-end. Will try the above when I have an opportunity..thanks
  7. Here is the new txt file. It did find WhiteClick this time. I restarted and did not see the Whiteclick installer again after start-up, However, the pop-up adds are still appearing!!
  8. Ron, I only got those two files, not an additions.txt. Should I run it again?
  9. Plse see attached. Do I wait for you or select an option like"fix"? FRST.txt FRST1.txt
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