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  1. WOW, that is what we call a fast response. First I want to thank you for the fast, precise, and easy to comprehend explication. 1 more thumbs up for MalwareByte. I have followed your suggestion and removed the extension, did a new scan with malwarebyte and everything seem to be alright Again thank you for your help
  2. MalwareByte has detect a Malware (see Nom et Date.jpg file) and ( DirCoupable.jpg file) for the directory. MalwareByte respond as expected by putting it in Quarantaine. Wich is perfect and why of MalwareByte gives me a good sens of security. Doing so the menace seem so harmfull that it looks like MalwareByte shootdown my internet connection and had to reboot the computer, the modem, and the router. My question. Wich FF67.0.2 extension caused this action and is it a non-compatible extension with MalwareByte. My goal is to remove the proper extension? Thank you for your help
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