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  2. I'm extremely new to the forum, I apologize if any of this seems all over the place. Recently I got hacked on an online game I play, and naturally I was concerned about my computer's security being at risk. Not wanting to have it happen again, I purchased Malwarebytes premium and after a scan, nothing came up. Feeling happy, I went to bed. Today, I saw that two days ago there was an exploit blocked, as shown here: https://gyazo.com/01f741020b377f808e7db3f07653a021 and https://gyazo.com/64bd715cffb0b5a47f52b52f51f241d6 After a minute or two of searching and finding where exactly the exploit came from, I saw that it was located in my %APPDATA% folder, and I was deeply disturbed to see a folder called 'htb' that was recently modified. After a quick look-through of the pictures, text documents, and .jar files within, I was and still am DEEPLY disturbed to see random screengrabs of my desktop and monitors, many .txt files containing each and every password/username combo I have ever used, as well as a very in-depth keylogger on any apps/games/sites that I had visited. I quickly deleted all of the files that were there, ran another scan (which wouldn't really do much as the first exploit wasn't detected in the first place) and I have been going through my computer's files to see if there is anything else like it located on my computer; so far, no results. My question I suppose is, what i s the next step, or any further steps I can take to ensure I am protected completely? Thank you in advance.
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