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  1. My i suggest to incorporate a function to send the logs by Wire app? Its FOSS and secure. At least i think it is
  2. And another thing on Nokia 5. I have an suggestion to disable battery optimization for the Malware-bytes but its disabled already.
  3. Sorry for long time to answer but iv bin investigating on my own because my Mother is a internet junkie so its hard to get to her phone. Iv nonetheless so in her phone a file that it got from my phone thru BT but i didn't find it. Something like app-release.apk its called. The problem on my phone is its locked an not rooted and on top of that iv disabled everything from google other that google play services and a bunch of other system files. But i cant disable NFC and BT in the system. I mean i have a button but yesterday in the market it enabled by itself,luckily i so it and disable it. On the Huawei iv disabled 99% of background and exclusive data of every app and its amazing that almost everything on that phone has enabled that. On top of that it connects only thru my wifi ruter like a guest which has Gargoyle on it with adblock,unbound and dnscrypt. I dont know you guys how you manage to catch all the malware but on my side its like full time job to secure all that things. It never ends. Im sad what Internet was became. I wont to go back to the old days of Modems and the time when you had to have someone to recommend you to get in some forum. No Google,no Facecrap and other social crap. Sorry for the rant but i want to reset the phone but only backup a can do is on the Google :-) I say,no way Ps I will try to steal the phone from my mom and see if i can find the file. Bare with me some more please and thank you. Iw been with you from the beginning but only now my paycheck its letting me to pay for your services and god knows you deserve it
  4. Sorry, i dont surf the net on the phone much. Im on a desktop now and its 21:00 and i go to work at 5:00 so...
  5. This will take time,i have only option fro Wire,nextcloud or Android Beam wich i dont even know what is. Will disable. I must set an mail on Nextcloud and then will send it to you. Sorry
  6. I dont have a mail app on my phome and everything google is disabled. Will it ope a webmail? Will try...
  7. This morning wen my alarm ring on my Nokia 5 i saw BlueTooth enabled and for a moment "you received a file" i think it was huaweiseeall.apk and after few second it disapeared. No trace of it. I never turn BT and i have Malwarebytes instaled on my Nokia 5 and my mom Huawei. I allso have 99% of thing turned off but its not enough it seems. Iv scaned my Nokia with booth scan an find nothing (i dont thin its working) it need batery optimisation disabled but it is. I cant find th file in the phone nor in BT history of received files. Nice. This is becoming comical. I just wont to read some news on the net and not battle with chinese malware or any other. I want my 9600Bps Modem back ;-)
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