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  1. I just updated to 3.8.3 and I am getting my ipv6 addresses and pinging successfully etc. Thanks to everyone once again.
  2. Exile360 - here's the logs. Thanks again. This is with Web Protection on, and everything running, Norton, etc. Hope that this helps. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Many thanks to everyone who posted resolutions to this issue. I will wait for 3.8 to come out and let everyone know if I have ipv6 back with web protection on. I'm sure that everything will be fixed though.
  4. I have the exact symptom. I also run Norton Security Online from Comcast, and I've never had a problem running it together with MBAM. But now I don't get SLAAC addressing from my router, and pinging the ipv6 gateway address returns "General Failure". I've reinstalled both Norton Security Online and MBAM. I've added all of the exclusions into Norton for MBAM and into MBAM for Norton that I've found in MBAM support and these forums. I've disabled every feature of Norton Security Online. The symptom doesn't change. But with everything in Norton Security Online enabled if I disable Web Protection in MBAM then ipv6 works fine, I get a global address, I can ping my gateway, I can ping websites, etc. I have MBAM Premium 3.7.1 and Comcast's Norton Security Online version I've applied all of the patches and updates. IPV4 is not affected, whether it's statically assigned or DHCP. I've downloaded the Malwarebytes Support Tool and ran a repair on the current installation of MBAM - no change in symptoms. I've ran "Clean" from the Malwarebytes Support tool - no change in symptoms. I have the same symptom on 2 different workstations both running Windows 10 Pro with all of the latest drivers updates and patches. I also have 6 servers and 4 other workstations that I don't use to surf the net that don't have Norton or MBAM installed and they get all of their ipv4 and ipv6 addressing just fine.
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